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Ludus Academy!

Welcome one and all to Ludus Academy, the world's first class learning institute and conditioning camp for the annual Ludi. Here, you will learn and train with only the best of the worlds previous contenders and earn your place among them. We look forward to a prosperous year and an exciting Ludi. May the best country win~

Applications are currently CLOSED while we get things set up, but please feel free to have a look around! If you are eager, feel free to write up your application, but please abstain from drawing until everything is final. We wouldn't want you to have to redraw your whole app! ; A;

getting started | rules | application | help & faqs
Ludus Academy is a casual chat-based role playing group. This means that character interaction will happen within the group chat and most events will be chat-based.

This will be my first time attempting to incorporate a point system and art-based assignments into an RP so please bear with me if this is what you've come to expect from deviantART RP groups.

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Long ago, during wars long forgotten, the gods left with us a sacred jewel known as the Ludi Gem. Whosoever possessed this Gem was given untold power. For ages the Gem slept in silence until it was discovered by a wanderer named Zaccan. The regions rejoiced at the Gem's recovery, but all was not right. When the overlord Zaccan used the Gem for evil, our world was torn apart recovering it. The gods reclaimed the Gem, seeing us unfit to wield it-- unless we were to conform to a strange fate...

Now, the four kingdoms are made to battle one another for possession of the Gem. Whoever wins the annual Ludi tournament gains control over the Gem for his country for a year. It is a great test of might and courage for all that take up the task, but if you are to come out victorious, you win yourself great honor. On the edges of dueling kingdoms lies Ludus Academy, a place formed to help condition our youth for this annual battle of power. Should you accept your invitation, you will be pitted against the best of your rival nations, but you will be imbued with the power to win the Ludi.

What do you say? Do you have what it takes to battle for the favor of the gods?

Welcome to Ludus Academy!

We are a role play community based on a chat and point system-- whichever you prefer! Please feel free to use the navigation on the left to read all about us to see if you would be interested in joining our ranks.

As of current, we are unsure of when we will be open for business, so for now feel free to watch the group to be updated on all of our progress! Thanks for stopping by~
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